Address: G23
Business Genre:

Absa ATM.

Phone: (011) 441 4996
Akhalz Fast  Foods
Address: G2
Business Genre:

Food fit for a family feast.

Phone: 011 894 2486
Bare Laser Hair Removal Specialists
Address: Shop No. F17B
Business Genre:

Bare Laser Hair Removal Specialists:

Our first-class technology and experienced technicians carry out quick and easy treatments at one of our discreet and comfortable salons, which ensures your laser hair removal is professional, priced competitively and delivers results. Laser hair removal is less painful than waxing and with the right number of sessions completed, it can be permanent. Any area of the body can be lasered- it's faster, cleaner and more effective than any other form of hair removal.

For more information contact Bare Laser Hair Removal Specialists directly on 011 918 9669 or mail them at

Phone: 011 918 9669
Beijing Chinese Restaurant Logo
Address: Shop No. F3B + F4
Business Genre:

Beijing Chinese Restaurant:

Beijing Chinese Restaurant is a cozy dining spot in Lakefield, Benoni. Walking through the doors the Asian themed décor jumps at you. The best Chinese food in town.

For more information contact Beijing Chinese Restaurant directly on 011 894 1051 or mail them at


Phone: 011 894 1051
Bergens Benoni Logo
Address: G18
Business Genre:

Bergens Benoni:

Domestic appliance repairs and spares are our specialty. We keep them working. We aim to repair domestic appliances with the utmost care. We repair fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, ovens, hobs, stoves, and other appliances. Emphasis on timing and quality has enabled Bergens Benoni to set itself apart in an industry that often has customers pulling their hair out in frustration. Repairing appliances since 1999. Will collect faulty appliance, evaluate it and give a quote. If the quote is not accepted the unit will be returned free of charge.

For more information contact Bergens Benoni directly on 011 894 1842 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 1842
Body 20 Lakefield
Address: Shop No. F7C2
Business Genre:

Body 20 Lakefield:

Body 20 Lakefield offers EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training. It is the process whereby all the muscle groups in the whole body are forced to contract involuntary and at the same time by means of a full body suit. In 20 minutes you experience 36 000 muscle contractions. This offers you a whole body workout in just 20 minutes per week, which equals 4 hours in a conventional gym. It is 90% more effective than conventional training. It is easy on joints, strengthens core muscles, relieves backache, corrects muscle imbalances, is fully customizable to individual needs, defines and tones muscles, reduces fat & cellulite, etc. It entails one-on-one personal training in two private studios by properly trained and certified trainers with nutritional advice as a free add-on service.

Visit or contact us on 065 937 5867 or email

Phone: 065 937 5867
Boot Culture Fitness Studio Logo
Address: Shop No. F9 - F11

Business Genre:

Boot Culture Fitness Studio:

Boot Culture Fitness Studio is a one of its kind boutique fitness facility. Established with the main goal of catering for the clients that require a unique fitness experience where one receive special attention without the queuing and waiting around for machines that you do in commercial gym monstrosities.

For more information contact Boot Culture Fitness Studio directly on 073 457 7216 or mail them at

Phone: 073 457 7216
Clarity Aesthetics Logo
Address: Shop No. F7D
Business Genre:

Clarity Aesthetics:

Dr.Gayle O'Kelly is a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine.

For more information contact Clarity Aesthetics directly on 079 136 4742.

Phone: 079 136 4742
Crystal Spirits Logo
Address: Shop No. G17 + F1-F2
Business Genre:

Crystal Spirits crystal and esoteric gift shop is a distinctive and convivial shop that features exceptional gifts of handmade jewellery and candles as well as space clearing products that are homespun and infused by a local space clearing artisan. Esoteric Emporium with a large variety of crystals and minerals, imported silver jewellery, esoteric and self help books and CD's. Feng-shui, statues, Dieties, insence, sprays and kits. Candles, dream catchers, pendulums, oils, chimes, Budhas, dragons, fairies , angels, tarrot cards and more.

For more information contact Crystal Spirits directly on 011 894 4714 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 4714
Debonairs Pizza Logo
Address: Shop No. G1
Business Genre:

Debonairs Pizza:

Modern halaal fast food chain serving classic and specialty pizzas plus hot subs and soft drinks. Delivery available. We've got meat, chicken and even some vegetarian options. You can even customize your own pizza.

For more information contact Debonairs Pizza directly on 011 918 5120 or mail them at

Phone: 011 918 5120
Devine Hair
Address: Shop No. F17A
Business Genre:

Devine Hair:

Ethnic hair salon. We ensure that every person that leave our salon feels and looks great.

For more information contact Devine Hair directly on 083 881 1153.


Phone: 083 881 1153
Dr. Johan Van Staden
Address: Shop No. F18
Business Genre:

Dr. Johan Van Staden:

Dr. Johan Van Staden is a healthcare practitioner specializing as a dentist.

For more information contact Dr. Johan Van Staden directly on 079 759 1833.

Phone: 079 759 1833
Dr. Mukesh Joshi Logo
Address: Shop No. F7A
Business Genre:

Dr. Mukesh Joshi:

Diabetes Care Centre & Clinical Trial Centre. Specialist Physician & Specialist in Diabetes Care.

For more information contact Dr. Mukesh Joshi directly on 011 894 1491 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 1491
Dried Fruit and Nuts
Address: Shop No. G15
Business Genre:

Dried Fruit and Nuts:

Brings sunshine in a packet to you.

For more information contact Dried Fruit and Nuts directly on 082 772 6888 or mail them at

Phone: 082 772 6888
Intrigue Consulting
Address: Shop No. F3A
Business Genre:

At Intrigue Consulting we like to refer to ourselves as your virtual CFO, as we fill your accounting, tax and payroll functions, not only in an operational capacity, but most importantly at a strategic level. As your CFO we aim to provide you with accounting, tax and payroll solutions that go beyond the administrative tasks and form part of your business to provide value at a level that assists with decision making which will improve growth and ultimately drive profitability. Our experience across various industries as well as business big and small will allow us to provide you with effective custom-made solutions that will achieve the freedom you require to focus on growing your business.

Our philosophy is simple “Take care of the clients business as though it is your own.”

For more information contact Intrigue Consulting directly on 087 149 2382 or mail them at

Phone: 087 149 2382
Jina Optometrist Logo
Address: Shop No. G8
Business Genre:

Jina Optometrist:

Medical Clinic in Benoni. Eye tests, contact lenses, spectacles, eye laser, vitality screening and driving tests.

For more information contact Jina Optometrist directly on 011 894 6608.


Phone: 011 894 6608
La Scento
Address: Shop No. F13B
Business Genre:

La SCENTO Perfumes is a passionate perfume home that offers the widest range of Arabian and French (Eastern & Western) perfume brands. We have since been proving ourselves in customer satisfaction with the best quality products (100% Original) and excellent prices. 

La SCENTO Perfumes, having a few decades of experience in the perfume industry (Manufacturing, Distributing, Retailing), have mastered the art of almost every field in fragrances (Perfume, Pure Perfumery Oil, Incense Agarwood, Frankincense, High Quality Air Fresheners, Soaps, Shower Gels, Hair Sprays). This allows us to bring to you the best possible fragrances from the world’s #1 brands. 

We Strive to, and excel in maintaining our long lasting relations with our customers and also welcome the new and eager ones by giving them the best possible service, finding the perfect fragrances and satisfying them completely, without emptying out their pockets! This keeps them with a new-moon smile all the time. We believe that there’s much more to choosing a perfume then just the smell. 

We warmly welcome you to visit us in-store or even catch us at our regular promotions so that you may experience the excellence. Otherwise you may shop online at your convenience.

Perfume isn’t just a business to us, it’s a hobby, a passion – La SCENTO Perfumes.

Phone: 011 918 9718
Lakefield Pharmacy Logo
Address: Shop No. G12
Business Genre:

Lakefield Pharmacy:

Your health is our priority. Special prices on first aid kits in different sizes. Wide range of body, muscle, slimming and weight gain products. Fully operational clinic.

For more information contact Lakefield Pharmacy directly on 011 918 1141/1140.

Phone: 011 918 1141/1140
Laminate Floor World
Address: Shop No. G22

Laminate Floor World: Suppliers & fitters of quality laminate floors.

We offer on-site measurements and sample viewing.

Phone: 082 382 7992 / 071 850 2032
Moulin Rouge Hair Studio Logo
Address: Shop No. G7A
Business Genre:

Moulin Rouge Hair Studio:

Our mission is to provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of skilled and creative professionals. Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one. We strive to exceed your expectations.

For more information contact Moulin Rouge Hair Studio directly on 011 918 3963 or mail them at


Phone: 011 918 3963
MTH Mother and Child Clinic Logo
Address: Shop No. F13A
Business Genre:

MTH Mother and Child Clinic:

We do Pre/Post natal care as well as Baby Vaccinations and general health issues.

For more information contact MTH Mother and Child Clinic directly on 083 237 2311 or mail them at

Phone: 083 237 2311
Nedbank ATM
Business Genre:

Nedbank ATM

Phone: (011) 294 6508
NGL Attorneys Logo
Address: Shop No. F7B2
Business Genre:

NGL Attorneys:

NGL specializes in commercial and business law, conveyancing, estate planning and administration. We combine experience with expertise to provide clients with legal solutions that are relevant and practical to their individual needs. We place clients at the centre of our universe by focusing on their specific legal requirements.

For more information contact NGL Attorneys directly on 010 597 4197.

Phone: 010 597 4197
P + G Digital Zone Logo
Address: G20

P + G Digital Zone:

P+G Digital Zone is a leading supplier of electronics, specializing in professional digital photographic and video equipment. Insurance replacement specialist.

For more information contact P + G Digital Zone directly on 011 894 6669 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 6669
Papa Boa Logo
Address: Shop No. G24
Business Genre:

Papa Boa:

Best Portuguese Restaurant in Ekurhuleni. We trust you will enjoy your meal with the same satisfaction as the age old Sao Cristovao's crew did all those years ago when first setting foot on the shores of Africa.

For more information contact Papa Boa directly on 011 918 4686 or mail them at

Phone: 011 918 4686
Pick n Pay Clothing Logo
Address: Shop No. G7B
Business Genre:

Pick n Pay Clothing:

Pick n Pay Clothing offers a wide variety of budget-friendly, fashion-forward clothing, footwear, accessories and wardrobe staples for men, women and kids. The ideal place to refresh your wardrobe for the season ahead and pick up separates that are suitable for work.

For more information contact Pick n Pay Clothing directly on 011 894 1832 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 1832
Pick n Pay Liquor Logo
Address: Shop No. G14
Business Genre:

Pick n Pay Liquor:

Pick n Pay Liquor Lakefield is focused on the customer's needs. Our offer to customers focuses on a wide variety of liquor to cater for our customers' expectations and evolving needs.

For more information contact Pick n Pay Liquor directly on 011 894 1445 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 1445
Pick n Pay Mini Market Logo
Address: G13
Business Genre:

Pick n Pay Mini Market:

Pick n Pay Lakefield is the quintessential family store focused on the customer. Our offer to customers focuses on groceries and general merchandise, but also includes additional value-added services to cater for our customers' expectations and evolving needs.

For more information contact Pick n Pay Mini Market directly on 011 894 1445 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 1445
Address: Shop No. F14
Business Genre:


Property.Co.Za is part of an extensive data base of top real estate brands. Our mission is to be South Africa's most dynamic real estate organization by providing an uninterrupted personal service to our clients with a focus on expedience through commitment, integrity and trust.

For more information contact Property.Co.Za directly on 011 894 4106 or mail them at

Phone: 011 894 4106
Simply Fix
Address: Shop No. G16

Simply Fix:

We fix computers, iPhones, iPads and Apple Macs.

For more information contact Simply Fix directly on 0764141414.

Phone: 0764141414
Sunshine Chinese Shop
Address: Shop No. G3 - G6
Business Genre:

Sunshine Chinese Shop:

We stock a wide variety of Chinese imports.

For more information contact Sunshine Chinese Shop directly on 074 297 9999.

Phone: 074 297 9999
The Biltong Kiosk Logo
Address: Shop No. G21
Business Genre:

The Biltong Kiosk:

Delicious yellow fat biltong, chillibites, game and much more. Best biltong shop to buy quality products.

For more information contact The Biltong Kiosk directly on 079 880 7840 or mail them at

Phone: 079 880 7840
Wise Scholars Logo at The Conservatory @ Lakefield Centre
Address: Shop No. F7B1
Business Genre:

Wise Scholars is affiliated/accredited with various Christian institutions worldwide. We help to train our students to develop their skills and callings to meet the purpose of God in life and ministry. Through our partnerships with Christian universities, ministries, bible institutes and colleges, We thus train our students in a Christian theology setting and for the work of God to lead the world to Christ.

Phone: 081 858 2625


The Conservatory offers both office and retail space.
For leasing enquiries contact our Head Office / 031 274 7400 or Centre Manager: 011 894 2553.