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Bare Laser Hair Removal Specialists
Address: Shop No. F17B
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Bare Laser Hair Removal Specialists:

Our first-class technology and experienced technicians carry out quick and easy treatments at one of our discreet and comfortable salons, which ensures your laser hair removal is professional, priced competitively and delivers results. Laser hair removal is less painful than waxing and with the right number of sessions completed, it can be permanent. Any area of the body can be lasered- it’s faster, cleaner and more effective than any other form of hair removal.

For more information contact Bare Laser Hair Removal Specialists directly on 011 918 9669 or mail them at

011 918 9669
Body 20 Lakefield
Address: Shop No. F7C2
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Body 20 Lakefield:

Body 20 Lakefield offers EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training. It is the process whereby all the muscle groups in the whole body are forced to contract involuntary and at the same time by means of a full body suit. In 20 minutes you experience 36 000 muscle contractions. This offers you a whole body workout in just 20 minutes per week, which equals 4 hours in a conventional gym. It is 90% more effective than conventional training. It is easy on joints, strengthens core muscles, relieves backache, corrects muscle imbalances, is fully customizable to individual needs, defines and tones muscles, reduces fat & cellulite, etc. It entails one-on-one personal training in two private studios by properly trained and certified trainers with nutritional advice as a free add-on service.

Visit or contact us on 065 937 5867 or email

065 937 5867
Devine Hair
Address: Shop No. F17A
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Devine Hair:

Ethnic hair salon. We ensure that every person that leave our salon feels and looks great.

For more information contact Devine Hair directly on 083 881 1153.


083 881 1153
La Scento
Address: Shop No. F13B
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La SCENTO Perfumes is a passionate perfume home that offers the widest range of Arabian and French (Eastern & Western) perfume brands. We have since been proving ourselves in customer satisfaction with the best quality products (100% Original) and excellent prices. 

La SCENTO Perfumes, having a few decades of experience in the perfume industry (Manufacturing, Distributing, Retailing), have mastered the art of almost every field in fragrances (Perfume, Pure Perfumery Oil, Incense Agarwood, Frankincense, High Quality Air Fresheners, Soaps, Shower Gels, Hair Sprays). This allows us to bring to you the best possible fragrances from the world’s #1 brands. 

We Strive to, and excel in maintaining our long lasting relations with our customers and also welcome the new and eager ones by giving them the best possible service, finding the perfect fragrances and satisfying them completely, without emptying out their pockets! This keeps them with a new-moon smile all the time. We believe that there’s much more to choosing a perfume then just the smell. 

We warmly welcome you to visit us in-store or even catch us at our regular promotions so that you may experience the excellence. Otherwise you may shop online at your convenience.

Perfume isn’t just a business to us, it’s a hobby, a passion – La SCENTO Perfumes.

011 918 9718
Moulin Rouge Hair Studio Logo
Address: Shop No. G7A
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Moulin Rouge Hair Studio:

Our mission is to provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of skilled and creative professionals. Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one. We strive to exceed your expectations.

For more information contact Moulin Rouge Hair Studio directly on 011 918 3963 or mail them at


011 918 3963
Propath Laboratory
Address: Shop No. F18

Propath Laboratory:
We offer a full range of quality pathology tests that are affordable and accessible to walk in and clinician referred patients.

Contracted to all medical aids.

For more information contact Propath Laboratory directly on 087 073 9261 or mail them at

087 073 9261
The Nail Loft
Address: Shop No. G22
Business Genre:

A friendly nail Salon based in Lakefield, Benoni.

We specialize in Gel, Acrylc and Sculpture – we have a multitude of colours to choose from and various ranges of nail art to choose from!

We are also flexible to suit our clients.

082 300 4069
Traditional Me
Address: Shop No. G18A

Traditional Me:
Welcome ON BOARD a journey through our shipment of imported and local products. Visit us and explore our range of flavorful delicacies as we bring flavors from around the globe. Introducing to you a tantalising mixture of spices, making any cuisine not just a statement but a memory that will leave your pallet craving for more culturally rich ingredients. We stock Ayurvedic raw and blended medicine, imported sweets and modest wear.

Join our journey of discovering culture and experiencing the lost traditions of the world. We stock a range of halaal meat, samoosas, savories and chai, spices, lentils and so much more –

Also stockists of Chateau Gâteaux & Maverick and Jane.

For more information contact Traditional Me on 078 384 4949.

078 384 4949